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  所谓日记就是用文字记述自己一天生活中发生的有意义或重要的事,以及自己对此事的感受或评议。主体人称为第一人称。记叙已发生的事多用一般过去式,个别句子用过去进行时或现在完成时,描述感受时可用一般现在时。第一行左上角写日期和星期,右上角写天气,接下来写内容。常用today, this morning, tonight, at that time, now; first, then, finally, at last; happen to, one my way to, on foot, hold, attend, feel; happy, delighted等词语。

1. be shocked at 对……感到惊奇
2. go hiking 徒步旅行
3. Put sth. into somewhere respectively 把某东西分别放进某个地方
4. catch sight of看见
5. pick sth. up捡起某物   
6. set off出发
7. happen to do 碰巧做某事
8. be eager to do 渴望做某事
9. be worried about 担心某事
10. be decided to do sth. 决定做某事

1. Early in the morning, we set off for some place for a visit.今早我们动身前往某地参观。
2. With the help of the policeman, we found the owner of the bag. 在警察的帮助下,我们找到了包的主人。
    3. As Teachers' Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day . 随着教师节的来临,为了庆祝这这个特别的日子我们班决定举办一个聚会。
4. He expressed his gratitude to his head teacher repeatedly, without whose help he wouldn’t have made such great progress in his studies.  他反复向班主任表达他的感激之情,如果没有班主任的帮助他不可能在学习上取得这么大的进步。
5. Although we were tired, we felt very happy. 尽管很累,但是我们很开心。

Monday, May 18,2016   Fine
This morning our teachers told us something about the Hope Project in class. She said, “Now in the countryside many children still could not go to school because of poverty. Can you help us?”
After school, I went to home. When I entered my room, I saw the little box which I kept my pocket money. But I wanted to buy an pocket recorder, I decided to send my money to the children which are eager to go to school. I began to write a letter to them at once. After finishing write it,I went to the post office and posted all my pocket money.
I felt very happy today since I’ve done a good deed.

1. 时间:在公园周末晨跑时。
2. 事件:捡到钱包(发现里面有不少现金和一张名片)找到失主。
3. 个人感想。
1. 词数100左右。
2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

1. 词数100左右。
2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。
春游:spring outing  

1. teachers改为teacher 从下文中的She可知,在班上告诉我们有关希望工程的事的是一位老师,故用单数。
2. could 改为 can  由此句的时间状语 Now 可知, 此处时态应为 一般现在时。
3. us 改为 them 由上文中的many children 可知,在农村由于贫穷很多孩子不能去上学可知 要帮助的是他们。
4. 把to去掉   固定搭配。
5. which前面加 in  此句考查定语从句中介词加关系代词,当我进入房间,我看到了我放零花钱的小盒子,此句中是指看到的是零花钱是放在其中的小盒子,故在which 前加 in。
6. But 改为 Though / although 由上下文可知,尽管作者想买一台小型录音机,但还是决定把钱捐给了渴望上学的孩子们, 故改为though / although。
7. an改为 a   因 poster 为辅音开头的词 故用a。
8. which改为 who   此句考察定语从句, 先行词是人,故用who。
9. 把write 改为 writing   固定搭配 finish doing sth , 故用 writing。
10. since 改为 because   由上下文可知,此句作者感到快乐是因为他做了一件好事,因果关系, 故改为because。

Saturday, Jan, 14,2017                                                                      Fine
This morning, I was jogging in the park when I caught sight of a wallet on a bench. Clearly, someone had left it there by accident. I picked it up and checked the contents. Inside I found some money and a card with a phone number. Believing that the owner would be worried, I immediately dialed the number. Hearing that I had his wallet, he told me he would return right away. Ten minutes later, the man arrived. After confirming he was the owner, I handed the wallet back to him. With his thumb up, he expressed his gratitude to me repeatedly. Seeing the smile on his face, I felt happy that I was able to help.

Thursday,Jan,13, 2017                     sunny
We had a class meeting to discuss where to go for our spring outing. Finally, we decided to go mountain climbing.
The next day, we set off early in the morning. While climbing the mountain, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and a beautiful view. However, when reached the top, we were shocked to see litter here and there, such as bottles and banana peels. Then we started to pick up the litter. Afterwards, we put the rubbish into the nearby recycling bin and non-recycling bin respectively.
Although we were tired, we felt very happy.

课 件 w w w.5y K J.Co m